Clandestino (2013). Directed by Marissa Chibas. A group of young Latinos make a dangerous trip transporting "illegal" goods into Tucson, AZ.

Sacrament - Official Trailer

Sacrament (2013). Conceived and choreographed by Natalie Metzger, music by Bob Allaire, and directed by Rich Ragsdale. A dark story without words about a woman who gets caught up in a cult and their ritual dance for a strange deity.  Official selection of the Sao Carlos Videodance Film Festival.

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering (2012). Directed by Kestrel Leah. An exploration of the relationship between war, sexuality and pornography, media, and the way we have of playing out conflict in our minds like Sunday's cartoon strips.


Randai (2005). Directed by Kirstin Pauka. A series of clips from the Indonesian randai play Luck and Loss: Manadin's Gamble performed by the University of Hawaii, Manoa's Asian Performance Program.